Casey – Auflösung

Im Frühjahr erst brachte die britische Melodic-Hardcore-Band Casey ihr Album Where I Go When I Am Sleeping“ (Hassle Records) heraus, eine Tour mit Bring Me The Horizon folgte im Herbst. In den letzten Wochen war die Melodic-Hardcore-Band noch bei der Never Say Die!-Tour zu sehen gewesen. Nun geben die fünf Musiker auf ihrer Facebook-Seite bekannt, dass sich die Band auflöst:

However, as a caveat of that ethos, in the interest of upholding our artistic integrity and safeguarding our mental health, we agreed that the moment we no longer felt creatively or emotionally invested in the art that we were making, we would lay Casey to rest. The time has come to say that although there are aspects of the band we all still love dearly, we have to be honest with ourselves, and admit that now is the right time to draw Casey to a close.

Lest hier das komplette Statement.

A sad reality of growing up is learning that just because a situation is good, it doesn’t mean that is it necessarily…

Posted by Casey on Saturday, December 1, 2018


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