Incendiary – Fact Or Fiction: Neuer Song

Am 5. Mai werden Incendiary ihr neues Album „Thousand Mile Stare“ via Closed Casket Activities veröffentlichen. Nach „The Product Is You“ und „Front Toward Enemy“ präsentiert die Truppe mit „Fact Or Fiction“ nun den dritten Vorgeschmack.

Der Track feiert bei den Kollegen von Alternative Press Premiere.

Frontmann Brendan Garrone:

„Fact Or Fiction“ addressees what I think to be the largest problem in politics, when a narrative or agenda is prioritized above facts and reality. Narrative and opinion can not be more important than reality. Reality influences policy, not the other way around. Unfortunately, this is more pervasive than ever and, as much as certain people would love it, we do not live in a „post-fact“ world. The truth matters.

Das Album kann hier vorbestellt werden.

Die Tracklist:
01. Still Burning
02. Hanging From The Family Tree
03. Front Toward Enemy
04. Awakening
05. The Product Is You
06. No Purity
07. Hard Truths Cut Both Ways
08. Sell Your Cause
09. Fact Or Fiction
10. Poison

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