Thousand Below – The Love You Let Too Close: Neues Album und erste Single

Thousand Below haben für den 6. Oktober den Release ihres Debütalbums „The Love You Let Too Close“ bei Rise Records angekündigt.

Neben Cover-Artwork und Tracklist präsentiert die US-amerikanische Rock-/Post-Hardcore-Band auch schon die erste Single „No Place Like You“.

Bereits vor einigen Monaten hat das Quintett außerdem „Sinking Me“ und „Tradition“ inklusive Videos veröffentlicht, die nun ebenfalls beide auf dem Longplayer zu finden sein werden.

Sänger James Deberg:

„I’ve never been more excited to release a project in my entire life and I truly believe there is a song for every type of music fan on TLYLTC. Be it heavy, sad, emotional, catchy, rock, metal, post-hardcore, whatever sound you like — there’s a song on the album for everyone. The album was written about the emotional hardships of the past two years of my life, and goes in depth about fighting the depression that comes from losing a loved one to suicide, as well as how it changes you as a person and how being so damaged can ruin existing relationships. „The Love You Let Too Close“ is a view into my heart and my mind during a tough time in my life that I hope other people dealing with the same feelings can connect to.“

Das Album kann hier vorbestellt werden.

Die Tracklist:
01. Sinking Me
02. Tradition
03. Never Here
04. Sleepless
05. Carry The Weight
06. The Love You Let Too Close
07. Follow Me Home
08. The Wolf And The Sea
09. Vein
10. No Place Like You
11. Into The Gray

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