Fit For A King – Dead Memory: Neuer Song

Fit For A King werden am 7. Oktober über Solid State Records ihr neues Album „Deathgrip“ auf den Markt bringen, von dem sie bereits mit „Pissed Off“ und „Shadows & Echoes“ zwei Songs vorgestellt haben. In Form von „Dead Memory“ folgt nun der dritte Einblick. Gesanglicher Support kommt vom August Burns Red-Frontmann Jake Luhrs.

Sänger Ryan Kirby:

„‚Dead Memory‘ is a song that is close to my heart. It’s about my wife’s internal struggles while dealing with her father not being there for her entire life. He would pop back when she was older and have hope for a future relationship, only for him to disappear again. It’s something that has really worn her down. […] Ever since we had done August Burns Red’s headliner in January 2015, I acquired an admiration for not only Jake [Luhrs, vocalist] as a person, but as a friend and musician. Having him on this song was an absolutely no-brainer, and he delivered in a huge way.“

Das Album kann hier vorbestellt werden.

Die Tracklist:
1. The End’s Beginning
2. Pissed Off
3. Dead Memory (feat. Jake Luhrs)
4. Cold Room
5. Disease
6. Shadows & Echoes
7. More Than Nameless
8. We Are All Lost
9. Unclaimed, Unloved
10. Stacking Bodies (feat. Levi Benton)
11. Deathgrip

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