Red Apollo – Auflösung

Red Apollo werden sich auflösen. Die Post-Metal-Band aus Dortmund zieht nach sieben Jahren und drei Alben einen Schlussstrich. Ein paar Konzerte und eine letzte Show am 25. Januar in Essen wird es aber noch geben. Die Band hatte im April 2018 mit „The Laurels of Serenity“ ihr aktuelles Album veröffentlicht. Hier das Statement:

Hey everyone!

Some of you might have already noticed that it’s been rather quiet around us during the last months. Playing around 150 shows and constantly releasing music throughout the last 7 years has been incredibly fulfulling and fun for all of us. Though it can’t be denied that such a band comes also with a lot of stress and sacrifices which we were nevertheless always happy to make.
However after the release of „The Laurels of Serenity“ and the following live shows, we realized that we all felt really worn out by the whole process. Keeping this band alive has become so much harder for all of us during the last two years due to changing life circumstances. It really came to the point where feelings of obligation seemed to surpass the fun this band was supposed to be for all of us.

That said, we as a band had several chats and discussions throughout the last weeks and came to the decision that it is better to lay RED APOLLO to rest instead of continuing half-heartedly.
We’re currently working on a couple shows that will happen in January 2019 before we play our very last one at the Emosaal in Essen on the 25th of the same month. Thank you for all the support during the last years and make sure to catch us at one of our last shows! We’d be more than happy to see some familar faces!

08.12.2018 – Kulturzentrum Schlachthof, Bremen (Black Fall Fest)
18.01.2019 – TBA
19.01.2019 – TBA, Berlin
20.01.2019 – TBA
25.01.2019 – Emosaal, Essen (LAST SHOW!)

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