„Your Demise“ haben einen neuen Sänger

George Noble  hat „Your Demise“ aus persönlichen Gründen verlassen.

Einen Ersatz gibt es aber schon in Form von Ed McRae (Ex-Centurion)

Hier das persönliche Statement der Band auf deren Myspace (myspace.com/yourdemise)

As most, or at least many of you are now aware of, Your Demise has bid farewell to long serving vocalist George Noble and opened up a new chapter in the story of our band by welcoming new frontman Ed McRae into the YD family.

Some of you will know or recognise Ed as the former frontman of
Centurion, but don’t worry – YD isn’t turning metalcore on you. Ed is
an awesome guy and an awesome vocalist who is totally on the same page
as us and what WE want to do with this band. If any of you need
convincing of his skills then head on over to myspace.com/centurionband
and check out the track ‚Don’t Sleep‘ or, better yet, come and see us on the road in Europe and UK with Misery Signals next month. It’s gonna slay.

The reasons for George’s departure from the band are complicated and personal to both him and us, so we would much prefer to not dwell on it. We would like to thank him for his many years of dedication to the band and for all the good times we shared together as a band and as friends, and we wish him all the best for the future. Nuff said.

We do of course understand that to many of you it must seem out of the blue and like a shock decision, but try and remember that none of you are actually IN our band – you have no idea what goes on and has been going on behind the scenes or in our personal lives.

So, please respect the decision that all of us have made here and trust us that we would do nothing to harm the integrity or quality of our band – Ed is the perfect guy for YD 2009 and beyond. He has brought a fresh edge to our songs, and we are all very excited for the future of our band.

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you all on the road.

Much love,

Stu, Jimmy, Tailbee, Oz and Ed



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