Track By Track: We Never Learned To Live – The Sleepwalk Transmissions

Track By Track: We Never Learned To Live – The Sleepwalk Transmissions

Passend zum Release ihres zweiten Albums „The Sleepwalk Transmissions“ haben wir gemeinsam mit We Never Learned To Live ein Track By Track für euch, welches euch die Hintergründe der einzelnen Songs auf dem neuen Album der Post-Hardcore-Band erläutert. Dazu hat uns Sänger Seán Mahon seine Gedanken zu jedem Song auf  „The Sleepwalk Transmissions“ mitgeteilt.  „The Sleepwalk Transmissions“ erscheint am heutigen Freitag, den 10. Mai, über  Holy Roar Records und Through Love Records. Unser Review dazu findet ihr hier

The album opener sets the scene for the record in terms of the lyrics and song title. It’s a dark, cold world out there with only the glow of screens for comfort. It’s a really bold song for us because it’s absolutely ruthless, probably the most aggressive and punchy thing we’ve ever written.

Android Anaesthetist
I wrote this idea for a short story years ago of someone being operated on by androids and being ‘put under’. The imagery is of rapid memories flashing through your mind being contrasted with a serene robotic voice telling you to relax.

Human Antenna
Human Antenna follows on from Android Anaesthetist thematically as if that’s the character’s new state post-operation. This was actually the first song we had written after our last LP and so we have been itching to play it for years! I think it’s definitely one for the old school fans as it has that WNLTL style ebb and flow.

The Clocks
The clocks is a song about that crushing, emptying feeling I get when I think about my own mortality. It’s an eery, swaying journey of contemplation and anxiety.

Luma / Non Luma
Our lead single, we always aim to launch an album with an unexpected, exciting new sound and this track definitely was that. A fast, ferocious tumble of anxieties and questions, Luma / Non Luma is a song about feeling simultaneously present and completely absent in a moment. That feeling of stasis upon hearing terrible news or refusing to address problems that are just getting worse with passing days. It’s definitely one of our favourite songs ever to play.

Wounds Like Wires
One of the heaviest offerings on the album and one I know the rest of the guys love to play as it’s got a rare foray into some pretty cutting riffs. Wounds Like Wires is about digging up old traumas and bad memories, it hurts but the exploration is an important reminder of the path you are taking.

Retreat Syndrome
Arguably one of our most melodic songs to date, it’s a curveball but a good reflection of our tastes as music lovers. This is a song for those who find a dark comfort in reminiscing in the negative. Based on a Philip K. Dick short story of the same name, It’s a rapid whirlwind of echoing self-doubt, exploring how memories can become twisted and distorted in time.

From The Sixth Floor
Written as an outro to Retreat Syndrome, it’s a rare and unusual offering from us and I won’t spoil it by saying why. I am particularly excited for people to hear it and hope it becomes a bit of a fan favorite.

Taken from the Japanese 終わり, Owari translates to ‘The End’. This song explores the idea of the end of technology as we know it. It’s a dark, gloomy offering chock full of groove, melody and a post-apocalyptic crescendo that fits our band name to a tee.

This track could have easily made it onto our last LP. From a vocalist point of view I think this song could be my favourite we’ve ever written. Based on a recurring theme of Philip K Dick’s, this song explores that idea of questioning the meaning of reality.

Radio Silence
The album closer, this song is about the longing desire to disconnect. To disappear off into your own head and let nobody else in. It’s based pretty accurately on an improvised jam we had on a particularly dark day for me. The lyrics and melodies at the time just came out as they were without having pre-penned them.

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